Sunday, February 17, 2013

Complaining and complaining and complaining

Xin Nian Kuai Le...... A week has passed and we already arrive to the 8th day of the snake year.... and i still complaining this year will be hard for me.... Although I have not been complaining since the last 2 months but it still exist... Cant stand on the boss's behaviors and the way she handle the works. how come a manager of many years behave like this? Being not sure professional!!!! and keep saying she is super busy and has many things to do but keep postponing the real works that she has to do. all she has to to everyday is eating in a super portion, checking emails then browsing the online shop then make some phone calls and busy calculating some of her investment and expenses (i assume) then go to lunch late... then sleep a while in a pretending position, like: writing or reading some documents in sitting position. then order me to do that to do this and never look at it right away when I quickly finished it. then when come to 5 pm, time to end the day works, she always has the intention to hold me till she want me to go. i am just her assistant to help her works, not to hear her personal problems and become her maid, for opening her office door and has to come before she arrive. What make me 'sakit hati' is, she commented that I have to come early to office because when the time,it means i am ready work at the time, not ready to come to workstation. While she herself dont not reflect what she said. She come early, but ready to have breakfast and walk to banks for hours or do some facial or massage with other staffs. She is the WORSE BOSS THAT I EVER HAVE!!! i NEVER IMAGINE IN MY LIFE, that i will experience the worse working experience with her. This is SUCKS!!!! I NEED TO END THIS SOON... HOPE I CAN FIND OTHER IN 3 MONTHS TIME... JESUS, help me!! These 2 weeks, when i arrives at my workstation.... weird feeling come by me. i cant stand on sitting there anymore....I felt that place was not belong to me and have ill feeling when i sit there. I need to move on. This week, the bule has come to my workstation twice and said that the monitor/screen is still cool, he mean that i havent work since the morning. What the hell? Why you keep busy bothering others while his own secretary busy with her blackberry all the time or busy phoning home asking her house situation? I already try my best to do my works and still got complaining from envy people? i also tired when boss kept telling me, who is bad, who plays politics in this company, who has change bla bla bla... I dont care!!!!! I DO NOT REALLY CARE!!! All i want is the opportunity to learn how to works right in a big and famouse organisation and do a good discussion when facing some problems in work and solve it out together. NOt STABBING EACH OTHER!!! oh please...... I have throw some applications.... recently I sent 2 and still have no news.... i am still waiting and please Lord, help me pass this difficult moment in my path of life. I never have true friend in this company.... Not even one that I can talk to. What kind of company is this? the Service to the customer is good but the behaviour and attitude is truely unexpectable. The salary is quite high but the pressure of being gossip is also high. Not really worthed to work there. When monday comes, I feel bad and when saturday comes, i feel poor..... so worse with the destiny that have to work on Saturdays and some time do not do anything. I cant understand what is the thinking that have to come on Saturday while the bule just come around 10 or 11 when other employees will check out at 12.30? He or the manager can late and go early but the other employee has to come and go on time? When come and go on time, u still got being the discuss by the 'sua koi' this is also SUCKS!!! AH TIRED OF COMPLAINING...... All i can do is surrender to you Lord!! i know U will help me when the time is right. thanks

Monday, November 26, 2012

tired mind and soul

I have been quite for a week.... quite refreshing that my sis passed her master degree exam and my mum came to visit. This afternoon, when i am preparing for going home, Tan said, wait for her, she has lots of things to do....What the hell is she talking about? i have put those documents weeks ago and she didnt even look at it. It that the sign of good manager? And then she said, have you checked the values, all good? and then she said again, have checked the wording, everything alrite? She is just dont want to let me go home although it was already after office hour. i want to piss off but already dont know how to get mad.... and then she said how come JL, one of other manager, become like this not checking the documents. how should i know? he is you best friend, and you asked me? You better fuck off!!! my limit already in the corner..... new job please come please.....

Friday, November 16, 2012


yesterday is a holiday, not stepped out from house hahahaha... preparing a writing for difficult even to answer ever question in 150 words minimum in bahasa. need to finish it tonite... is my work cycle back to beginning? cape boooo

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


after the budgetting the situation is almost back to normal and i just to lazy to type. i need ideas for deskripsi diri... so hard to write in indonesian. better in english ahhh jia you!! also need to apply many and more jobs :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

glad i have this blog

just happy that i have this blog to spilt out my 'uneg2'

feeling blue

woke up early in the morning, not early than work days but still early have appointment to see apartment apart from it, felt guilty with the Fairs that i have attended, looks like i dont qualify..... so stress-full. I think i qualify but afraid to try. Need more -jia you- I just need more supports. Need to share the thing in my head but seems everyone is sick with my sharing... and myself also sick of it. I dont need to have that such 'uneducated' share.... how can i let it go? New jobs please close to me, I need it desperately and tomorrow is monday again... time runs quickly these days

Saturday, November 10, 2012

lost my passion to this company

/sigh/ i felt into wrong company, although it pays lot but the environment is really really not healthy. yesterday, Tan asked me to sort collection datas from 10 complexes and she said that she will do the big complexes. Well, i felt relief that she will do... but till tis saturday morning, what she did was, came late, busy gossiping with other staffs about the politics in the company and then, at the end, she said, we can finish the data on monday rite? What the hell? I am the one who busy sorting the datas and she just came late and gossiping... baka!!! so unfair.... i just dont like people who just saying thing without can really do it. yesterday was her bday, no big cake and i didnt buy any cake too..... just bought a piece of fabric is more than enough cos it more useful than cake. others were asking her bday cake, and thought she was too stingy to spend the more. i think she is stingy hahaha after office hour, i went to #fair2. I did drop my cv to lilly.... wow... also drop little at amway... same pharmaceutical... o la la la wish me luck my dad just told me that i am one of the sertification candidates and have to prepare my resume.... ohh.. jia you ah yan ling!!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

no passions..

truly really lost my passion to the jobs. i still handle it well but i just dont like, when i just arrived at office, directly ask me to do this and that, while she just doing something else for her own use. give me a breath..... my sakit hati still there...really difficult to needs some time but as soon as i change ti new will cure directly..people said, neighbour's grass always greener....but i just dont care. i need to change, need to get passion's environment..not environment that teach you kill each other... please guide me Lord....i know You have prepare the best for mqhe